Sunday, 9 October 2011

Saturday is gonna be a quiet one

I had so many plans for today but they all flew out the window when I remembered about our photographer coming to capture some pics. Don't you just hate it when you have visitors and your little darlings show you up something silly!
After many hours we seemed to have the pictures we needed. That was very hard work!
Roll on 8 when I picked the car up. Then I was free of the squabbling and the dishes he he.

As predicted it was a very quiet night. I had one very intoxicated male telling me all about concentration and using a hands free set when driving. Well if that wasn't a contradiction in it's self I don't know what is. He may have been a very annoying drunk but he did have a nice house, and watching him trying to close the big gate as I left was hilarious

I then went on to a creepy regular who was rather peeved off when I picked him and his Indian up. I mean come on man everyone needs a comfort break!!
He never spoke to me until we neared his home. He then started telling me that he lived on his own and that he loved me and that I could kiss him if I wanted to. Ewwwwwww was my reply then he puckered up WTF is wrong with people no I am happily married didn't seem to have any impact. He was adamant he was getting a kiss! Over my dead body I was thinking. In the end I had to raise my voice and kick him out of my car.
I felt physically sick, how ever did this creepy letch think he had a chance with me. Yuck yuck yuck yuck!

My next job was much better. A nearly 40 year old with his Indian takeaway and it smelt wonderful. He was pleased to see me and we chatted freely until I mentioned how nice his food smelt and that it was pointless me wishing for some as I am on a new plan to change my ways. He then said rather loudly NO NO NO NO You are beautiful and sexy. Wow were my thoughts how on earth could he come up with that. I was waiting around for the punch line but it never came. He must have been sincere! He left me with a beautiful poem which he had written.
Leaving that village I felt on top of the world!!

The rest of the evening passed in a blur not very busy at all. I went home early and had a browse through the days photos...... Fantastic and yes I saw myself and yes I am pretty.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Friday night yay it is the weekend

As Fridays go this one was just dandy, school run complete with no hiccups (thanks husband) then off for a touch of breakfast then on to the DIY store dragging a moan a lot oap behind us! At one point I escaped for 20 minutes only to receive a text from the husband saying "please rescue meeeee" I chuckled all the way back to the car!

Heading into town for the afternoon school run was rather manic.... Any readers out there please don't mess with a mum on the school run.
After establishing which child is going in to which car we head back for a recreational afternoon where the children can roam free and burn off all that Friday feeling before bed :D

My first job came in at 6pm OMG I still had hair dye in my hair, I had to get the children and the sitter home and get to the pick up oh and put my face on in 17 minutes...... And I did it. Mummy on a mission that's me.

It was a slow start to the night. I got a call to pick up a carrier of a secret of mine and If you can imagine a secret hiding behind locked doors and suddenly beer holds the key. Equals situation unpretty! Taking them home praying the drunken mumblings stay mumblings, every now and then an audible word slips out and I think please shut up and feel like shouting "Im a cabbie with skeletons GET ME OUTTA HERE". Glad when the job is over I headed on to the next.

Amusement is the word I would use for this one. Two random youngsters I have never seen before wanted to go to 2 addresses around town and back again. I mean WTF. Oh to be young and have money. They only looked about 15 yet they had all the banter of some who are much older. I tried my hardest to put them onto one of the categories but they didn't fit so the only thing to do was shrug and put it into the chuckle file. On arriving at the drop off I was pleasantly surprised to be handed a 10 pound tip for putting up with the pair of them!

Next job was to be 7 miles away in 5 minutes, did I make it?? Of course I did. As one of my customers put it "I love to have a big engine under my thighs"
Squeezing themselves into my car were 2 local business men sorry should I say very successful business men. I left the premises in awe. How the other half live.....

Back into town where the coppers were rife. Why they were showing a large presence I will never know. Unless they were expecting trouble from the England game. The only bit of rouble I saw was someone being thrown through the door of the pub out on to the road at a high rate of knots narrowly missing my bonnet.

I could say it was an easy going night I didn't have to fend any pervs off me. Everyone was rather decent tonight. I wonder what tomorrow will bring!!!!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Todays the day

Today I am starting my blog. There are so many things about my life that I want recorded as the older I get the more I forget!

Today has been a typical day screeching at the children to get ready for school, finding out via text that there is a traffic jam for the whole 4 miles I drive to school. I felt like a sat nav for a second, rerouting as I strapped the kids in. School was manic as usual, people wiz past which is good as I didn't really feel like interacting with the clique!
A couple of chores later and I am sitting at a friends table sipping a skinny mocha. Skinny is the word these days as I reached a goal this morning jumping on the wii fit, I left the BMI of 40 and over! (dance a little jig) 39.26 is a wonderful feeling. To date I have lost 3 stone 6lb my confidence has grown so much, I now walk tall (with the aid of my new heels)

I also have a new job, which I look forward to the weekends so I can get out there in my cab, I call it a cab but it is so much more. Black, sleek, drives effortlessly and it makes me feel sexy as hell behind the wheel. 24 more hours until my shift starts and I can not wait.
Every night is an adventure some scary some funny as f#*! and others well you just couldn't make it up!